Info about A Fall Open House & Hymns CD Release Concert


This is Taylor of The Garms Family. We’re eager to see you this Saturday, October 1, 2022 at The Gospel Gym! Thank you for coming!

Here are a few things to know…

Directions: Two roads enter Arkansaw off of Highway 10. You want to go on County D. Sometimes the GPS takes people on County N, which goes into town. County D is the turn to take for The Gospel Gym! (Look for the red dairy barn on the corner.) From County D, you’ll turn on Buss Street, which leads into our parking lot.

Here’s our address:

The Gospel Gym — N6290 N H Street, Arkansaw, Wisconsin 54721

Clothing: The Gospel Gym is not heated yet. It won’t be cold inside the building, but it will be cooler, lower to mid 60s. Dress in layers!

Tickets: Print the tickets you got through email! This helps a lot. (But if you can’t, we’ll find you on our list!)

Time: Doors open at 2:00 PM.

Entrance: The Main Entrance, Door One. 

The Main Entrance

Registration: You’ll be checked in by our awesome volunteers! Have your tickets handy. You’ll also write your name on a tag so we get to know each other!

Tours: Building tours start at the gym with Ben and Jayme, Taylor and Sam, Leesha and Caleb. After your tour, you can visit with David and Kris in The Studio or grab refreshments. (We’ll have coffee and the famous Garms Family Chocolate Chippers available!) No new tours start after 3:15 PM, so make sure to arrive in time if you signed up for a tour.

Concert: The Hymn Sing and Concert will start in The Studio about 3:30 PM.

Building fund donations: There will be two donation boxes available by The Studio. The event is free. We do ask you to bring a donation to help with ongoing renovations and expenses at The Gospel Gym.

When it’s done: After the concert, all those who signed up for the Subway Supper will go to the gym. We’ll also have the new Hymns CD available for purchase! (CDs are one for $15, two for $20.)

Important! If you’re joining us for the Subway Supper…

Cost: Supper is a minimum donation of $5 per person. If you’re able, please consider giving a little more to help us cover costs! There’ll be a basket in the gym for supper donations— either cash or check. (We can’t do change or credit cards for the supper.)

Meal: Subway sandwiches (cut into 4-inch slices), assorted chips, and  beverage (soda, coffee, or water) of your choice. The subs available are the Cold Cut Combo, Black Forest Ham, Turkey Breast, Tuna, and Italian BMT (sorry, no custom orders!). Each sub is white bread and has cheese, tomato, lettuce, and pickles with optional mayo and mustard packets.

Gluten-free: Those who contacted us about their gluten-free needs… we’ll have a non-Subway sandwich available for you!

Okay— that’s all I have!

Can I help you with anything? Email me ( or call Leesha at (320) 396-3785.

It means the world that you’re coming this Saturday! We’re praying for you, for safe travels and an uplifting time together, and for the Lord’s presence to fill this place and our hearts.

See you soon!

In Christ,

Taylor for The Garms Family