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Fall Open House &
CD Release Concert

October 1, 2022 — Free Tickets Available NOW!

God is still able
to do the impossible.

In Wisconsin’s driftless region, there’s a school. A 55,000 square-foot building with a gym, library, cafeteria, playground, and lots of classrooms. (Literally the biggest thing in tiny Arkansaw, WI.) We work here— and live here.

We’re The Garms Family. A family of musicians on a crazy adventure. We’re used to doing crazy stuff. Once, we lived in a travel trailer for nearly two years to help build churches. (Survived a Minnesota winter in it too.) We now tour America in a 45-foot bus—yes, all eight of us!—to encourage people with live music, honest stories, and God’s Word.

But we’re on our craziest adventure yet…

The former Arkansaw School became our home right before COVID-19 hit the world. It seemed like we made the mistake of our lives. The dream was to turn this place into a center for Christian music, fellowship, and growth. We planned to hold events in “The Gospel Gym”, have a concert series called “Hymns in the Gym”, and record music groups. God had opened many doors to get here.

But then the pandemic shut our tours down. We sat in this giant, empty building, wondering if we’d EVER be able to have people come. Maybe we had misunderstood God? It seemed impossible. We turned to Him and prayed… “Lord, You brought us here. You’ll have to sustain us.” He did. (And it’s an incredible story. Come back again soon for a longer version!) Two years later, on June 25 and 26, 2022, we held the first in-person “Open House and Night of Encouragement” and are planning our second on October 1, 2022!

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A Fall Open House
& CD Release Concert

October 1, 2022 — Doors open at 2 PM

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Seats are limited!

The Studio holds 120 people. Only a small amount can attend. Register today!

“Kinda like a big family reunion!”

— Glen K., Open House attendee

…and IT’S A WRAP! Our first Open House and Night of Encouragement at The Gospel Gym was on June 25 and 26, 2022! Your presence and excitement excited us. You came from across the street or drove hundreds of miles… and together we celebrated what God has done and IS doing. You truly feel like family. This was one of the most overwhelming, joy-FULL weekends ever. And you gave. Out of what you have… abundantly, some even sacrificially. How can we thank you enough?! The quote we received for paint and a sprayer was about $12,500. Total donations were $12,441. Can you believe that?! We’re able to now get paint on the building’s exterior to save the inside walls from further damage. What a massive blessing! Thank you.

“When leaving the parking lot knowing the vision of their ministry… my heart was racing like when I see Lambeau Field in the distance!” —Lonna P.

“Enjoyed the tour and concert and seeing all of you. The school building and grounds are amazing and beautiful. Thank you also for the cookies.” —Marie L.

“We were so blessed to be with you yesterday seeing how God is working in Arkansaw!” —Laurie H.

“We drove 5 hours to attend and it was worth every minute. So incredibly inspirational.”

— Dawn J.

The Gospel Gym is amazing and the concert was awesome! Thanks for the invitation and a wonderful time!

— Stan and Deb S.

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N6290 North H Street, Arkansaw, Wisconsin 54721

Any donation helps The Gospel Gym become a place to refresh and inspire people in their faith.

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